Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday morning with Natalie

Sunday Fun-day. 
xo-Nat & B

Friday, May 11, 2012

C to the O to the L O R

color, color, everywhere. Happy Friday/Saturday all. 

floral. on floral. on color.
le 21

oh blair. Minty mint mint

oh hey isabel tie-die pants

tommy ton





tommy ton. tth

white is a color


Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday night hodgepodge

Happy Friday. Get out, get inspired. Be flogworthy
Exotic – Roxane Glineur taps into her inner glamazon for the May issue of Hong Kong based publication, Prestige Magazine.

Xiao Wen & Grace Gao by Stockton Johnson for Vogue China February 2012

why zara is the fashion equalizer of the world.
Karlie Kloss Vogue Korea

Karlie Kloss Vogue Korea

Miroslava Duma. Ever chic. 

9to5chic means + puppy 
Marc by Marc lovebirds in action. 
red with black is classic.
Dress & Jacket Vivienne Tam, Necklace Missoni

If it's Proenza, it has to be good.

Hey all. Late night posting is always the best! The other day I stumbled upon the work of Josie Miner a photographer who breathes life into fashion photography in a way that seems very honest and forthright. I absolutely love Proenza Schouler so of course I love a refreshing view on an older collection that is dear to my heart and RIDICULOUSLY flogworthy, of course. Another thing I wanted to note was the incredibly flogworthy, fabulous F21 dress featured on the blog LustForLife. So cute and you would never know that it was inexpensive. I have a love/hate relationship with stores like that because I believe in proprietary ownership of clothing design, however I am always thrilled when I find something amazingly on-trend and well made there. So while I would love to have EVERYTHING in my wardrobe be designer, in reality getting the trend inexpensively is a huge plus. So please have your own opinion and feel free to share what you think on the subject, but I personally do rock the F21. (ps that's the 'cool' slang pronounced F-2-1 if you didn't know. So the next time someone asks you where that killer piece is from you know what to say.)
Sweet Dreams!


Proenza pantalones.
josie miner

truly chic.

in love with texture
josie miner

Narnia white-queen fashion.

striped pants add height and when done right add a nautical nonchalance.
 Mango Fall collection

WHO SAYS F21 isn't SUPER CUTE!!! (the dress, SERIOUSLY!!!)

all floral. boom. done.
tuula @

proenza texture.
josie miner

all in the details, texture, Philip Lim pants I believe. ROCK THAT PINK!!!

jakandjil. the original shoe blog. 

All you need is ZARA.

love the gilded yellow with the red and black.
Oraclefox @

tribute standard dress. The sophisticated woman's answer to camo. Yes, I did just say that.
Zanita @

the white witch finds sticks. So chic. I spy YSL metal booties.

python+white=refreshing. Love the nails.

beautiful joy.
josie miner

chic friends are the best accessory to any outfit.
Harper & Harley @


All in the accessories

how we love a-wang. So under-water fish chic.